• 11” in Diameter
  • Push-In Connector
  • 90 Day Factory Warranty
  • Designed for Fisher F5 Metal Detector

11" DD Fisher Search Coil with Push-In Connector (F5 / F19)

Model: 11coilf5 no reorder

Our Price: $169.15


Transform your metal detecting experience with the Fisher 11”' DD Search Coil and Push-In Connector! This 11” open frame, elliptical DD search coil is the perfect choice for the metal detecting enthusiast who is looking for the best combination of depth and maneuverability. It performs like a bigger round style search coil but its modified elliptical shape takes the weight off leaving you with a sleek powerhouse! Its a great for areas with a high mineral content and it will make detecting deeply buried coins and relics a cinch. All you have to do is to push in the search coil into the shaft and away you go! This search coil is also electrostatically shielded, waterproof and comes with a 90 day warranty so you'll never have to worry about this bad boy shorting out!



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