• Water Resistant
  • 10x5" in Diameter
  • Compatible with Minelab GPX, GP and SD Series
  • Provides Stable Operation in Highly Variable Soils

10x5" Elliptical DD Commander Minelab Search Coil (GPX/GP/SD)

Model: 3011-0076

Our Price: $224.00


From Minelab’s Commander series comes this 10x5” Elliptical DD Search Coil for use with your GPX, GP, or SD series metal detector. Designed specifically to match the requirements of Minelab metal detector technology, you know you’ll be getting optimum performance with this coil. This 10x5” DD search coil will provide you with good depth, sensitivity, and stability in all ground types. Double-D coils can be used with the Iron Reject and RX cancel features on your Minelab metal detector, making this a powerful tool when relic hunting.



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