• 10” in Diameter
  • Screw-In Connector
  • 90 Day Factor Warranty
  • Compatible with Fisher F5 and F19 Metal Detectors

10" Fisher Search Coil with Screw-In Connector (F5 / F19)

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Our Price: $135.15


Find more value on your next metal detecting adventure with the Fisher 10” Search Coil with Screw-In Connector! This 10” search coil is perfect for locating coins, rings, nuggets and smaller more valuable targets. Because of its unique shape, it can bypass the trash in junky areas and take you straight to the treasure. The search coil is even a valuable companion when hunting in to hard to reach places as it can be angled between a rock or a crevice with the greatest of ease. The DD design of this search coil can even cut ground conditions that others cannot. To top it all of off, this search coil is not only protected by a 90 day factory warranty but it is also electrostatically shielded and water proof to boot. All you have to do is screw the search coil to the metal detector and you're ready to go!



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