• 10" in Diameter
  • Water Resistant
  • Frequency of 7.5kHz
  • Designed for Minelab X-Terra Series

10.5" DD Round Minelab Search Coil (X-Terra Series)

Model: 3011-0102

Our Price: $165.00


To add even more depth in all soil conditions for your Minelab X-Terra series, you need to include the 10” DD 7.5kHz Round Search Coil to your inventory. This search coil is patterned after Minelab’s widely successful Double D configuration, known for wide detection pattern and increased depth. Expect to see very good target separation with this 10” coil, seeking out the older coins and gold jewelry, even if it’s buried close to trash. The X-Terra 10” DD Round Coil from Minelab is excellent for beach hunting, coin, gold jewelry, and even relic hunting.



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