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Comparing Top Metal Detector Brands

There are five basic types of metal detectors:

  1. General Purpose - Coin/Relic/Treasure.
  2. Gold Prospecting.
  3. Underwater and Salt Beach.
  4. Cache Hunting/Deep Searching.
  5. Industrial and Security.

Bounty Hunter Treasure Tracker Metal Detector

Like automobiles, there are many different brands of metal detectors and many different variations within each brand. The type and brand the enthusiast purchases is based on personal preference as well as need. Because there are an abundance of brands and models available I will limit this to five popular brands and their most popular models.

Tesoro is a widely respected brand name of metal detectors, with machines ranging from $150 to $800 with machines in each of the five main categories. Tesoro is considered an excellent underwater and salt beach manufacturer.

Bounty Hunter is another widely prized brand in metal detecting. This company concentrates on the general purpose machine for the amateur interested in getting started. These detectors enjoy wide popularity with the weekend hobbyist interested in coin/relic/treasure in nearby historical sites. Prices range from $100 to $600.

Minelab can be considered the Mercedes Benz of metal detector manufacturers. They build machines in all five categories, with high end machines including walk-through metal detectors and security scanners. The metal detecting hobbyist can spend anywhere from $500 to $4,500. They specialize in underwater and gold detectors.

Garrett is a well-respected manufacturer of metal detectors that makes machines in the first four categories. Their machines range from $150 to a $1,000. Garrett has a well-rounded lineup of machines for the novice to the expert in whatever treasure you are interested in hunting. Whether you are on the beach, in the water, in a ghost town or your local park, you can find a Garrett metal detector to meet your needs.

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