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Stories of mystery, discovery, and exploration have always been popular with children. By joining these themes to real-world lessons about scientific subjects, kids' metal detectors make for ideal learning tools. They're also uniquely suited to stimulating a child's imagination. After all, how often does a child get to go treasure hunting with scientific equipment?

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

A kids' metal detector differs from the standard variety in several ways. The most obvious difference is that kids' detectors are smaller and more lightweight. An adjustable shaft is a common feature, which makes it possible for children of varying age and size to use the same metal detector. Closed coils are typically used in kids' models, which helps protect the sensing part of the detector from damage.

When shopping for a childrens detector, look for a model that offers good discrimination. The ability to exclude unwanted objects will reduce the amount of time your children or students spend digging up trash. Avoid cheaply made toy detectors. A low-cost, professional-quality detector will last longer and provide much more accurate results, which will make detecting more fun for kids.

Metal Detecting with Kids
The most important tip: bring a garbage bag. A metal detecting trip usually uncovers everything from soda cans to lost keys. You can use this as a way to teach kids about trash disposal and taking care of the environment.

Research detecting spots ahead of time, and use your trip as a chance to talk about the history or geology of the area or how archaeologists discover fossils and cultural artifacts.

Metal detecting can lead to other interesting hobbies, such as collecting coins or old maps.

Buy a rock tumbler to use for coin cleaning. But remember: don't clean coins that may be valuable!

Take your metal detector with you on vacation. It could turn the trip into a fun quest, and give your family a reason to stop and explore local beaches, parks, or camping and picnicking spots.

With younger children, try burying coins in the backyard and holding a treasure hunt. A childrens metal detector can also add a new twist to Easter egg hunts and similar games.

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