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Helpful Information About Metal Detectors

Metal Detector Info

Metal Detector FAQ's
Frequently asked questions about metal detectors.

How To Metal Detect
Basics and fundamentals of metal detecting

How Metal Detectors Work
Creating a magnetic field is only part of the puzzle

Comparing Top Metal Detector Brands
A consumer guide to the top five metal detector brands

Metal Detectors Overview
A look at the features of some of the most popular metal detectors

Metal Detector Enthusiasts
Differences and similarities between the professional and hobbyist metal detector enthusiast

Modern Day Metal Detector Trends
Saving lives and ensuring safety are other ways metal detection is used these days

Metal Detector Accessories
Additional tool suggestions to aid your treasure hunt

Metal Detecting Tips
Rainy days, topo maps, and cleaning up after yourself.

Metal Detector Care & Maintenance
Cleaning, storing, and protecting your metal detector and its search coil

Metal Detectors Glossary
A comprehensive glossary/dictionary of metal detector terms.

Metal Detectors Buying Guide

Metal Detectors Buying Guide
Learn about metal detectors and discover the perfect one for you

About Treasure Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Metal Detector Finds
How to clean gold, silver, copper, and nickel finds-if at all

About Metal Detector Search Coils

Search Coils for Metal Detecting
Uncoiling the mysteries of search coils.

About Kids Metal Detectors

Kids Metal Detectors
How kids metal detectors differ and tips for using them

Metal Detector News

Metal Detector Finds Unprecedented Bounty
Formal employment overrated in light of metal detector find

About Airport Metal Detectors

11 Interesting Things About Airport Metal Detector
About metal barrettes, musical instruments, parachutes and other things that won't meet TSA standards.

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