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February 14, 2018

Nokta Impact Finds Old Deep Silver!

I will try to make this brief. Detectorists have been asking, “What’s up with your BLOGS?” I know it has been a long time. I had an L-4 L-5 lumbar back fusion surgery, which took me out of the metal detecting game for a couple of months. As you can imagine, my back was hurting me very bad and I knew the recovery would be awhile, but I was determined to get back out there. I had great ... Read More

Categories: Finds, History
November 29, 2017

John Govoni Memorial Open Hunt Event

What a fall it’s been so far! Has the year been flying by for you all too? I want to talk about the John Govani Memorial Open Hunt Event that took place on October 7. The event was named after John Govani, the past Vice President of the Massachusetts ... Read More

September 20, 2017

1723 Woods Hibernia Type 2 Half Penny!

I have a customer who has turned into a good friend and his name is Jason. He does a lot of door knocking to get permission on private property. He was sending me pictures from the farm field that he was detecting and his finds were incredible with his Garrett AT-Pro using the ... Read More

Categories: Finds
August 18, 2017

There Was A Crooked Man: Love Token Coin

My pal King George of NE came by the shop with one of his coins, which has an intriguing story behind it. The coin is a 1708 Queen Ann Silver six pence. It was found in Eastern Massachusetts, which is rare. It is a common find in England. George believes it is a crooked man’s love token.

The crooked man’s poem goes something like this:

“There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile. He found a crooked ... Read More

Categories: Finds
May 31, 2017

Detectorists Be Warned: Ticks

I felt it was a good idea to discuss a current threat to all of us who go metal detecting outdoors- ticks. Detectorists have to protect themselves now. Depending on where you live, the problem can be worse for tick bites. I go out detecting all the time and now is the time to protect yourself. Disease carrying ticks are out in record numbers and people could die from the illness carried by these nasty guys. Experts are calling this ... Read More

Categories: Tips
March 8, 2017

Charles 2nd & Catherine's 1662 Brass Counter

I went out detecting this past weekend with King George of NE. As we were pondering on where to go detecting, we came to a mutual agreement. Let’s go to an area that has produced before and one that we know has some history to it.This area George found his Spanish cob and we both found a lot of Colonial Coppers in this one area on the South Shore of Mass. After detecting for 4 hours, George pulled a nice large cent, 2 buffalo nickels ... Read More

Categories: Finds
February 16, 2017

New Treasure: 1772 2 Reale Coin!

On Saturday, February 4 th, I received a few calls from my friends wanting to get out and do some swinging with their detectors.I had King George of Massachusetts, my buddy Ray, and Dee with me. Dee is new to metal detecting. She is a relic hunter and loves the rust. I think after she saw

George’s big silver find she might start digging those high #’s. (Just a joke Dee.) Even though it was a ... Read More

Categories: Finds
February 14, 2017

Great Winter Find: 1730 King George II Coin

When winter comes my way, I try and get out metal detecting as much as I can. You know how frustrating it is when the ground is frozen and you’re itching to dig! I’ve been getting some added inspiration to keep hunting since starting my Facebook Live videos. I really like showing everyone what it’s like to be out on a nice detecting ... Read More

Categories: Finds
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