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September 10, 2015

Successful Labor Day Treasure Hunt

It was nice having a day off this Labor Day Holiday. I have been in a slump and have not found anything exciting metal detecting in the past three weeks. I made plans to go detecting with my buddy Glenn, who happened to find some silver during our day out in the field.

While driving looking for a spot, I noticed a farm field behind a row of 1800’s homes that are located on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I was trying ... Read More

Categories: Detectors, Finds, Resource
August 18, 2015

Turning My Hobby Into My Career

I started metal detecting at the age of 13. Never could I have imagined that after 30+ years I’d like the hobby more than ever, so much that I’ve turned it into my career. Having retired just last year from being in medical sales, I’m now enjoying my very own showroom located on Union St in Rockland, MA. It’s great getting to talk about my hobby, metal detectors and accessories all day to both experienced hobbyists and novices ... Read More

July 29, 2015

Gold Pocket Watch and Chain Found on Farm

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day in New England. No rain or humidity, just a cool breeze,making for a perfect day for metal detecting. I went detecting with four friends in Southern, MA on a one-hundred acre farm field. With a field so large, everyone seemed to have their own ideas of where the good finds might be located. Most detectorists will start at the top of the hill where you see one or two isolated trees. After ... Read More

Categories: Finds
June 29, 2015

Water Detecting In The Summer

Spring is over, the weather is hot and humid, which means summer is here! I am the first to say that I enjoy hunting in parks, farm fields and the woods. However, I think the best approach is to hunt on land in the early fall, when the weather is pleasant. I took a few water detectors out over the past couple of weeks and had a blast! No sweating. I ... Read More

June 25, 2015

Metal Detecting Meteorites

When most people think of metal detecting, their minds automatically conjure up an image of Spanish gold bars and stolen pirate treasure. Some metal detecting enthusiasts will even think about digging up natural minerals such as diamonds or gold nuggets. But what else can be dug up from the ground that is naturally occurring and is much more valuable? If you thought meteorites than you are absolutely correct!

Meteorites are ... Read More

Categories: Resource
May 27, 2015

Surprising First Silver Spill

I went detecting with a few buddies this past weekend in Hanson, Massachusetts near an old mill site. I go detecting by myself a lot, so it is always enjoyable hunting with friends. Everybody using their specific detectors; White's, Garrett, Minelab or Fisher. It seems to me that everybody thinks their detector is superior over the next. A little competition always makes it exciting when you’re treasure hunting. I was detecting and got ... Read More

May 20, 2015

Grand Opening Event a Success!

Wow, I am blown away by the support and turnout for my first ever event. To begin with, I’d like to thank Minelab for their generosity with all the giveaways they donated including a Minelab Excalibur II grand prize, one of each of the brand new Read More

Categories: Detectors
April 27, 2015

Grand Opening and Go Minelabbing Day!

Mark your calendars! We're proud to announce the Grand Opening of the MetalDetectors.com showroom located in Rockland, MA (just south of Boston). Come on out Saturday, May 16th from 10am - 2pm where we'll also be celebrating Go Minelabbing Day! We'll have a Minelab representative on site to answer any ... Read More

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