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September 21, 2016

Great Turnout at the Treasure Show!

Silver City Treasure Seekers promoted a great treasure show this past weekend. I was very impressed with the water and land finds that were on display from the vendors and detectorists! I have been metal detecting for over 30 years and I was amazed at seeing such a variety of coins, jewelry and relics from different time periods. Congratulations to everybody who attended. I would say it was a job well done.

I ... Read More

Categories: Tips, Resource
September 15, 2016

Silver City Treasure Seekers Treasure Show

One of my favorite things about being a detectorist is to be with others who enjoy the same hobby. Whether they are customers in the shop, or just some good friends, having like-minded treasure hunters to share your experiences with increases it x 10!

I have heard stories from others about events in the local community that help raise awareness of the hobby and history. I’ve had the privilege of being involved with a wonderful ... Read More

September 2, 2016

Another Unique Surprise From History

In late August, I had another neat metal detecting experience that I want to share with you. It never stops to amaze me the things that pop up from the ground. I’ve been finding some much needed treasure after a short dry spell. One of my favorite things about the hobby is the variety of items out there. I’m talking about utensils, clothing items, hair accessories, automobile parts, etc. There’s nothing like getting a glimpse ... Read More

August 17, 2016

New Makro Deep Seeking 3D Machines

Do you enjoy looking at what is hidden below different layers of the earth? Then you will want to take a look at these new deep seeking Makro systems. Part of the exciting things about the hobby is getting new ways to see the ground below you. It makes the whole experience of getting that treasure piece more appealing. Makro has revolutionized that experience for you ... Read More

August 10, 2016

Taking Metal Detecting to a Whole New Level!

Want to discover the world’s most valuable treasures, big or small? Introducing MAKRO METAL DETECTORS! They are known worldwide for their product range diversity and innovative and dynamic structure. Their advanced, detecting technology is unlike any other out on the market. You can choose from a variety of classes, such as treasure, single coin, mineral ... Read More

August 3, 2016

1721 King Philip V One Reale Find

This past weekend I went metal detecting at a small field area next to the North River. Each time I go out to this place it keeps producing some great finds. Last weekend, there were two King George coppers and a large cent! These three coins were worn badly, but still are exciting to find. Again, this is the same hunting area that I mentioned in my last blog which featured the 1785 One Reale find. So, this past Saturday we went again ... Read More

July 26, 2016

Hunting the History of the North River

I went metal detecting with my good friend Jeff this past Sunday. The main topic is always the same: “Where are we going?” I talk to customers, friends, and people from detecting clubs. The most important discussion that we all have is the location of the hunt. Everybody who has been treasure hunting always pursues the fresh undetected areas. I am looking for the old stuff, so that’s why I run into slumps not finding anything. ... Read More

July 8, 2016

Thoughts On Preserving History

This July 4th made me do some more reflecting on a topic that I find close to my heart- “history”. Metal detecting and history have a lot in common. When I find objects in the ground, that item has already been through a story of its own and has a message to tell for the rest of us. History is part of who we are in this detecting hobby and it’s the one of the very essences of being human. We learn from it, we make it, ... Read More

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